How Can We Help?

At Elite OrthoSport our highly skilled team utilizes the latest equipment and training methods to maximize your recovery and performance. Composed of board certified specialists in orthopedics and sports, we are trained to provide care for both surgical and nonsurgical orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions in the following areas: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip/leg, knee, foot & ankle, and spine (neck &back).


Physical Therapy

Evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. Treatments could include modalities, manual therapies, mobility and strengthening exercises.


Pre and Post Surgery Care

Elite OrthoSport works with the best surgeons in the country and specializes in post operative care for conditions such as rotator cuff repair, achilles tendon rupture, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, cartilage restoration procedures, spinal surgery and more.


Manual Therapy

Treatments can include both soft tissue and/or joint mobilizations to address mobility deficits or range of motion restrictions.  


Blood Flow Restriction Training

The Elite OrthoSport clinicians are certified providers in Personalized Blood Flow Restriction training, a technique that is highly popular among the best in college and professional sports.

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training is a game-changing injury recovery treatment that dramatically improves muscle strength, endurance, and activation, while simultaneously diminishing atrophy and loss of strength from disuse or non-weight bearing after injury.


Sports Performance

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Sport Specific Training

Returning back to activity or sports, our facility and team is equipped to provide a comprehensive program to get you back to optimum performance.


Jump and Squat Training

A precursor to injury prevention, jump and squat training is essential to peak athletic performance.


Biomechanical and Posture Assessments

Assessment of both large and small movements and patterns of the body to identify abnormalities and implement a program to correct these deviations.


Pediatric Sports Injury Care & Prevention

Youth sports and overuse injuries are on the rise, our team is equipped to provide care for the youngest of our athletes, whether injured on the playground or participating in organized sports.


Wellness & Bodywork

Therapeutic services, not related to a medical diagnosis, are available to those who prefer to have soft tissue, manual therapy and other interventions provided by a physical therapist under our prevention and wellness model.